This is a photo album of my RV - 4.

I will be putting notes and explanatory pictures as I build this air plane.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Firewall Forward

Oil Cooler

I  mounted it horizontally with the bottom bolts on the 1/8" angle backside of firewall. 2' of SCAT tube just goes neatly to the pickup on the rear of the baffles. 

RV-4 Fuel Pump Overflow Fitting. 

Even though I bought the special fuel pump overflow fitting that Van's sells, I had no clearance between the fitting and the firewall.  I hit the firewall with an angle grinder and gain 1/4 inch strong clearance without causing damage to the underlying brackets.

The Fuel Fitting on the inlet fuel pump inlet is really loose - gotta check locktite will be all that is required to make it secure.

Firesleeve and a heat shield / p clip to keep the fuel line off the exaust.

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