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Monday, June 18, 2012

ADs and Service Bulletins

Here is where we look for AD and Service Bulletins that need to be complied with. Some will be of little consequence. Others will be plain wrong. Others will save your life.

  sb11-9-13.pdf         Fuel Tank Slosh Inspection.     Tank was never sloshed.

sb07-2-6.pdf              Affixing the passenger control stick permanently.    Not a good idea in the RV - 4. The pasenger has no need of an control stick but the pilot has no access to it if it gets fouled. Better to remove it when solo. 

sb06-9-20.pdf               Trim Cable Anchor   
WD-415-1              TRIM CABLE ANCHOR            $8.60
   Bugger ! This is a PIA - I just got done installing the elevator and would rather not mess with it. If, however, that were to snap off it could lead to a fatal loss of control.

sb97-05-1.pdf             Rear Seat Reinforcement     Done during construction.

96-10-1.DOC             Van’s FAB-320

Date issued: 10-8-96
Number: 96-10-1
Synopsis: Affects users of Van’s FAB-320 and FAB-360 filtered airboxes. Bolts attaching the top plate of the airbox to the carburetor may come loose and be ingested in the engine, possibly causing severe damage.
Correction: The four bolts used to fasten the VA-130C (FAB-320) or VA-131C (FAB-360) to the carburetor must be safetied. This may be accomplished by either using bolts with drilled heads and safety wiring them in pairs, or by installing tab lock washers under the bolt heads. If the tab lock washers are used, a 1/8” hole must be drilled in the top plate for the tab that prevents the washer from rotating. After the bolt is installed, an ear of the washer is bent up against one flat of the bolt heat, preventing the bolt from moving.

Good Idea !!

 sb06-2-3.pdf       Safetying of standard and flop-type fuel pickup tubes    I recall not being happy with that during construction but cant remember the corrective action I took. 

sb04-2-1.pdf               Fuel Tanks        Clear plastic found. Inspect Fuel Tanks.   Done during assembly. Might be worth a look in the tanks anyway. Dead rat etc. 

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