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I will be putting notes and explanatory pictures as I build this air plane.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Airframe Checkilst

Airframe Inspection
AC 21.4(2) 6.4

Registration letters
CASR 45.045 and 45.065

Aircraft Manufacturer's Data Plate - sourced - to stamp and fit.
CASR 21.820 AC 21.10(0) 8.2b

Passenger Placard Warning  - This aircraft is not required to comply etc .... sourced.
CAR 262AP(9)

Experimental Markings   -  sourced.
CASR 45.125 50 mm - 2 inch

Calibration of Test Equipment AC 21 - 35(1)  - Not sure what relevence this has it wasmentioned in SAAA Newsletter.

Flight Controls
CAR 42G duplicate inspection :

2. Purpose
To alert maintenance personnel and operators to be vigilant whenever
installing or adjusting any aircraft control system using the classic two cables in
tension, closed–loop cable design, including primary flight control systems.

Pitot Static System
CAO 108.56 and AC21.4(2)6.4e

Specification — testing of specified aircraft instrument - Pitot Static Airspeed Altimeter and Fuel Guages.$FILE/Chapter%2012-13.pdf  see section 4

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