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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pilot's Licence and C of A

Reserve a mark - I wasn't going to do this but rather take what came off the stack and save myself 65 bucks.  But Kayt spotted VH - LAG and I just had to have it !!

Rego - 130 bucks right there .

Exemption or rather "Assesment of Noise" - online form that took some finding. No Charge.

I have my C of A pack from the SAAA and will take it to work next week and check it out,

Got my ARN Self Serve 416307 sorted.

You must print out the docs and sign them and scan them and include a scan of your passport or birth cerificate.  

I also started on the ASIC. That shouldnt be too gruesome - just a matter of getting some pasport snaps. I will get the Medico to certify the ID when I sit my Medical . 

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