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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prop / Spinner

Got the prop and spinner mounted this week end quite a fiddly time consuming job. Lots of cut and try.

A big cheerio to Mick Muller over in Sheparton and Jodie for helping me out with this prop. Drinks on me guys !!

Invincible Airscrews Pty. Ltd.,
(David Green & Ken Adams)
See note P.O.Box 62,
Mortdale, N.S.W. 2223,
Tel/Fax : +61 2 9153 0764
Fax or mail communications are preferred

Lycoming O - 320
DRG NO 30 - D - 68
D   5.75' P 5.75'
NO I A 8343
NOV 1998

The spinner is a sod to paint as it seems to perfect shape and size for sags and runs. Best to lay it on it's side and do it in a couple of stages.

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