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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Canopy REDUX

Since I busted my canopy.

I got  Todd's Canopies to build me a new canopy which set me back $360 USD. It looks great !! I asked him to build it a little taller so as I had a bit of head room. The old one I was hitting my head when sitting tall.

Todd Silver is a delightful bloke to deal with. Very enthusiastic and helpful.

The next challenge will be determining how much of the old canopy frame will be usable and how to fair off the rear end. I have seen them done by squaring off the skin rear of the canopy from bow leaving an inch or so of overlap and simply weather sealing a aluminum strip over the perspex to the aft of that to the top of the fuselage. Much as guy do with the wing root fairing

Sika 295 UV.

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